Arcte is an Italian company, founded in Bitonto in 1954 and leader in underwear and beachwear.

A family company

The company was born as little workshop managed by Maria and his daughter Nunzia. When he saw his mother’s and his grandmother’s passion, Giovanni decided to become part of the family business, aimed at making it something which could cross regional and national confines.

So, when he became CEO, he decided to add to traditional hand-crafting abilities a technological innovation and he succeeded in his goal. In 2000, indeed, Arcte controlled brands Argentovivo, Azuleja, Bacirubati, Jamas, Allen Coxe and Juliet; furthermore, it boasted more than 230 employees and 4000 stores in the world and registered a 60 million euros turnover.

Then the company received licenses for production and distribution of underwear and beachwear collections by many brands, among which Replay and Patrizia Pepe, in 2007, and Mariella Burani and Kenzo, in 2008.

Changes of ownership

In 2007 the 90 % of the Bitonto company was acquired by Burani Designer Holding, investment company of the Mariella Burani Group. Nevertheless, in 2011, when the last one failed, Arcte Group, with the new name of Arcte Fashion Brands, was acquired by Pompea Group.

In 2017, to strengthen its distribution network, Arcte opened an online shop.

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