• De Beers

    De Beers

    De Beers is the largest diamond extracting company, established in 1888, in South Africa. Now sells and crafts raw diamonds.

  • Mame Denny Rose

    Denny Rose

    About Denny Rose is an Italian fashion house founded in Carpi, near Modena. The brand is dedicated only for youngsters. The style is very personal and Denny Rose offers modern and sexy fashion at an affordable price. The Denny Rose…

  • Delpozo Pre Fall 2017


    Index The Origin The Delpozo Style Production Creative Director: Josep Font London Fashion Week 2018 The Origin Delpozo was founded in 1974 in Madrid, by the expert hands of the Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo. After forty years of success,…

  • Damiani Diamond and Gold Bracelet


    Damiani, a leading company in Italian jewellery manufacturing and trade sector. The brand was established in 1924 with Enrico Grassi Damiani.

  • Diesel 2016 Campaign


    Diesel is an Italian retail clothing company that sells denim, clothing, footwear, and accessories. Two different brands: Diesel and Diesel Black Gold.

  • Mame Fashion Dictionary: Dior Blooming Bouquet Film Starring Natalie Portman


    French luxury goods company started by Christian Dior in 1946. Responsible for the New Look and bringing back Femininity.

  • D


    Wendy (1950). English designer. A graduate of the Medway College of Art and Middlesex Polytechnic, Dagworthy launched her ready-to-wear Collection in London in 1972, and quickly developed an international reputation for her casually youthful designs for men and women. Dagworthy…

  • D

    Dé d’Or

    The Golden Thimble is the French high fashion award created in 1976 by the journalist Pierre Yves Guillen. Until January 1994, it was given twice a year, at the end of every Collection. Among the winners have been Madame Grés…

  • D

    De la Renta

    Oscar (1932). American designer. Born in Santo Domingo, De la Renta left the Dominican Republic to study art at the San Fernando Academy in Madrid. He developed an interest in sketching fashion designs, and his artistic talent led to a…

  • D

    Derek Rose Pajamas

    English brand of pajamas, night gowns, and dressing gowns. It is famous for colors and patterns inspired by military regiments and clubs, and for the satin stripes obtained from two-end yarns in the satin part, which produces a brilliant and…