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    Nike is an American brand that sells footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories.It was founded in beginning of the 1960s, by Phil Knight and Bill Bowman.

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    European Institute of Design

    School of design with locations in Milan, Turin, Rome, Cagliari, and Madrid. It was established in 1966 “to offer an education both theoretical and practical in the fields of design, fashion, the visual arts, and the communications arts.” Among the…

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    Elegante Welt (Die)

    German fashion magazine published in Stuttgart between 1912 and 1969. At first a fortnightly, and later a monthly, after World War II the magazine dealt with the themes of beauty, elegance, and luxury. From the time of its début and…

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    Japanese line of jeanswear, created in 1988 from an idea by Hiehiko Yamane, a passionate student of original denim. With an American loom from the 1950s, restored to use in Osaka, Yamane manufactures selvedge denim: more than 40 yards a…

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    Jacket that recalls the coat worn by Eskimos. It is an oversize sport jacket with a fur-trimmed hood, closed in front by a zipper or with frogs, in waterproof fabric. It was the uniform of ’68.

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    Earl Jean

    American brand of jeans. It was created in 1996, almost as a game, by the film and television designer Suzanne Costas Freiwald. The clothes are known for being tight-fitting and sexy. The brand really took off in 1997, after the…

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    High quality fur. Depicted in a medieval portrait at the National Library in Paris as the virginal ermine of Saint Catherine, and in the famous 1807 painting The Consecration of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David in the Louvre as the imperial…

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    Aleksandra (1884-1949). Russian painter, born in Kiev. A Constructivist painter, she was part of the group centered around the Fashion Atelier, which opened in Moscow in 1923. A firm supporter of Lamanova and of rational clothing that finds beauty in…

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    Etro An  prêt-a-porter and haute couture textile company in founded  1968. Maintaining a traditional quality through pattern, adding  a contemporary twist through daring colors and innovative combinations. About Gerolamo “Gimmo” Etro, a world traveler educated in economics, establishes his own…

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    Brand of casual clothing with a strong research component created by Livio Graziottin (1965), a graduate of the School of Art and Industrial Design in Venice. His work is produced by Gruppo Fashion Box (Replay). The brand was born in…