• virgil abloh

    Abloh, Virgil

    Born in Rockford 1980, Virgil Abloh is an artist, architect and fashion designer for Louis Vuitton, Off White and Pyrex Vision.

  • nichols rozae


    Rozae Nichols is an American designer, famous for her unusual use of fabrics, employing the most expensive ones in a poor way.

  • mary jane marcasiano

    Marcasiano, Mary Jane

    Mary Jane Maracasiano is an American designer who favors knitwear, often experimenting with mixing traditional yarns and fabrics.

  • Vera-Wang

    Wang, Vera

    Vera Wang: the fashion house specialising in bridal gowns for high society with a classic, linear cut, top quality silks and brocades.

  • Gwen Wakeling

    Wakeling, Gwen

    Gwen Wakeling is an American costume designer, specializing in costume kolossals. She received an Oscar in 1950 for Samson and Delilah.