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Patrizia Pepe is a brand born in 1993 from an idea of ​​Claudio Orrea and Patrizia Bambi and produced by Tessilform of Capalle (Florence).


The character of the brand is already defined by its name. While Patrizia derives from the name of its founder, it is the word “pepper” that perfectly reflects the style of the brand. Seductive glam-rock with a touch of irony and distance from ourselves and the surrounding reality.

It has a young, dynamic, modern style with the times of ready-to-wear fashion but increasingly refined, in image and communication and present on the market with numerous single-brand stores.

Patrizia PepePatrizia Pepe 2020


In 2006 Patrizia Pepe exceeded 100 million euros in turnover with an increase of over 17% compared to 2005. The gross margin was 48.7 million and the EBITDA reached 14.6%. And for the year 2007 the forecasts are to reach 120 million in revenues. Employees have also grown (by 20%) and are close to 250.

On June 1, 2008, Patrizia Bambi was named a knight of labor by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. At the head of creativity, the stylist Gaia Leonori.


As of 2008, the product lines include the women’s, men’s (since 2005), children’s (since 2007), underwear and beachwear collections. The company is present with single-brand stores all over the world from Russia to Japan, from the United Arab Emirates to Germany. About 40% of its turnover is produced in the foreign market. As of 2008, there were 83 mono-brand stores, 1200 multi-brand ones.

A distinctive feature of the company is the choice of distribution. The clothing lines are in fact also distributed through  showrooms  where the retailer can go to buy the garments. This distribution choice is in contrast with the traditional means of distribution of medium-high fashion products but has proved to be rewarding for the company which has a  sell-out (sale to the final consumer) of about 90%.



The spring / summer 2019 line is called Cosmictrotter, dedicated to the woman who loves to travel and dream. The clothes proposed in the new line of the brand have a light silhouette and a sporty charm. In addition, they boast a wide color palette, made up of intense and decisive colors, such as red and yellow, but also more muted colors such as sand. The joggers are the protagonists of this collection, like the waterproof and light parkas and the cropped and logo jackets.

Patrizia PepeCosmictrotter
When the stores reopened after the lockdown, Patrizia Pepe launched an on-demand service in six languages, developed with Google, which provides a sales assistant for online shopping (Sales virtual assistant).
For the Florentine brand headed by Claudio Orrea (president) and Patrizia Bambi (creative director), more than 600 employees worldwide, this is a pilot project   that fills us with pride   and is part of the relaunch strategy and internationalization entrusted to the CEO Roberto Tribioli, who arrived a year and a half ago from Bain (2018 for the brand ended with a turnover of 103.5 million and a result in red).
From December 31, 2020, Roberto Tribioli is no longer CEO of Tessilform, the Florentine company that controls the womenswear brand Patrizia Pepe.
After the step back, the founder and president Claudio Orrea will cover the role of CEO on an interim basis. The company, as stated in a note, “will pursue all strategic and growth objectives, maintaining an important focus on digital and omnichannel, consolidating its presence on the reference markets”.
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