• Gaspard-Yurkievich


    Gaspard Yurkievich is a French designer, first noticed in 1998 at the 12th Hyères festival for fashion debutants.

  • Joanne Yulan Yong

    Yulan Yong, Joanne

    Joanne Yulan Yong is a Scottish fashion designer of Chinese origin. After graduation she moved to Milan and founded her clothing line in 2000.

  • Valentin Yudaskin

    Yudashkin, Valentin

    Valentin Yudaskin is a Russian haute couture designer. In 1990 he founded his fashion house and the following year made his debut in Paris.

  • Lee Young-Hee

    Young-Hee, Lee

    Lee Young-hee (1936-2018) was a Korean designer who worked to raise Western awareness for hanboks.

  • Y

    Yin Yiqing

    Yin Yiqing, a graduate of ENSAD in Paris, is a haute couture designer. Yin is a versatile artist with a record-breaking CV.

  • Ykk


    YKK is a Japanese company founded by Tadao Yoshida in 1930 and is a leading manufacturer of zips. YKK also has three factories in Italy.

  • Y


    Yazbukey is an Egyptian brand founded by two sisters and designers. The first line of creative jewellery was launched in 2000.

  • Y

    Yarmak, Helen

    Helen Yarmak is a Russian fur designer. She was born in Kiev, but lives and works in Moscow, in a building that bears her name.