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    The backpack was a fabric bag used by schoolchildren and soldiers. It was launched in the 80s as a competition to the classic bag.

  • Brand and Fashion Designer,  H

    Erik Halley

    Erik Halley: a British creator Erik Halley is a British creator of jewels and accessories. He sets and assembles these eccentricities on clothes and shoes. Above all else, Erik Halley invents dream scenarios with feathers, twisting and boiling them before…

  • Amato Daniele


    The story of Daniele Amato has its roots in a long tradition of craftsmanship started by Leu Locati in 1908

  • R

    Ritz Sadler

    Ritz Sadler is a clothing brand founded in 1946 in Bologna and launched by Giorgio Faccioli. In 1964 the shop in Cortina was opened.

  • R

    Reynaud, Alain

    Alain Reynaud was a French fashion designer, right-hand man of Jacques Fath and close collaborator of the Milanese fashion designer Biki.

  • nannini


    Nannini - a leather goods company, founded by Virgilio Nannini in 1945 and followed by mono-brand boutiques all over the world.

  • A.F. Vandevorst

    A.F. Vandevorst

    A.F. Vandevorst is a Belgian fashion brand, founded in 1997. The second Vandevorst Collection won the Vénus de la Mode award.