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    Masatomo, Rynshu

    Rynshu Masatomo (1951) is a Japanese designer who founded, in 1985, the design studio Ma-Ji creation and shows all over the world.

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    Marzotto is an historical and industrial Italian group, textile and clothing industrialist Hugo Boss, Valentino.

  • martini alviero

    Martini, Alviero

    Martini Alviero founded his brand Prima Classe. His prêt-à-porter is characterized by clothing linked to a dynamic lifestyle.

  • mary matté

    Mary Matté

    Mary Matté is a Turin tailor's shop of the 1930s, named after the seamstress who opened it, who dressed Turin's good society.

  • marzotto gaetano

    Marzotto, Gaetano

    Gaetano Marzotto (1952). Entrepreneur in the textile and clothing sector, he was president of Pitti Immagine.

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    Maruyama, Keita

    Keita Maruyama is a Japanese fashion designer, first costume designer for film and theater, creates clothes with typical Japanese elegance.

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    Martini Coveri, Francesco

    Francesco Martini Coveri is an Italian fashion designer, nephew of Enrico Coveri, creative director of Coveri's men's and women's lines.

  • marzotto marta

    Marzotto, Marta

    Marta Marzotto is an explosive, unstoppable Italian fashion designer: queen of worldliness, discussed and debatable, loved and envied.

  • antonio marras


    In the world of Antonio Marras, art and fashion fuse to produce a raw interpretation of his imagination and creativity, influenced by his Sardinian roots. Born in Alghero, in 1961, his father Efisio Marras owned a number of textile shops,…

  • marni


    Marni is a luxury brand founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, since 2016 Marni is under the creative direction of Francesco Risso.