• Armine Harutyunyan
    H,  Model

    Harutyunyan, Armine

    Armine Harutyunyan: model included by Gucci in the list of the 100 most beautiful models in the world, an unconventional beauty.

  • Winnie Harlow
    H,  Model

    Harlow, Winnie

    Winnie Harlow is among the most influential models of the new millennium, a symbol of inclusiveness in fashion given her vitiligo.

  • H,  Influencer


    Viya Huang (1985) is a Chinese influencer, originally from the Anhui province. She is known as the queen of e-commerce in China.

  • H,  Model


    H ,   MODELS ELSA HOSK: A FACE FROM ANOTHER PLANET. Elsa Hosk is the figure of a splendid alien. Many of her, in fact, define her as coming from another planet, due to her disarming beauty and her atypical features. Shiny hay blonde…

  • Hiro


    Hiro. Hiro is the pseudonym of Yasuhiro Wakabayashi (1930). A Chinese photographer, born in Shanghai. In 1946 he moved to Japan

  • Brand and Fashion Designer,  H

    Erik Halley

    Erik Halley: a British creator Erik Halley is a British creator of jewels and accessories. He sets and assembles these eccentricities on clothes and shoes. Above all else, Erik Halley invents dream scenarios with feathers, twisting and boiling them before…

  • H

    Kitten Heel

    “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot,” Marilyn Monroe once said. Certainly, the heel, with the toe, constitutes the most decisive component of all models of shoes. It draws attention, it determines the…

  • H

    Husky-clotes for cold temperature

    The most copied hunting jacket worldwide. It was created more than thirty years ago by Steve Gulyas, a retired American aviator, and his wife Edna. After settling in Tostok (New England), they specialized in clothing for cold temperatures, particularly for…

  • Harper's Bazaar

    Harper’s Bazaar

    Harper's Bazaar is an American fashion monthly. It is the competitor of Vogue, from which it has often stolen away the best talents