• Mame Fashion Dictionary: Marco Rambledi Evolution Through The Years


    Marco Rambaldi, the talented Bolognese designer born in 1990, designs a woman free from preconceptions and constraints, daughter of those 70s and the most sincere Made in Italy.

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    Renato di Bosso

    Pseudonym of Renato Righetti (1905-1982). Italian artist. Born in Verona. “A man’s character is revealed by the tie he wears,” he wrote in the Futurist Manifesto on Italian Ties, signed along with Ignazio Scurto in 1933. A member of the…

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    Carolyne (1951). American fashion designer. She went into business for herself in 1984, with a line targeting working women (functionality and, at the same time, great care in the patterns, fabrics, and details), and she retired in 1993. She learned…

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    Blinding colors, tuft of hair on the forehead, shirts with leather laces and a silver bolo tie, pointed-toe boots, especially in snakeskin, even better still if studded with rivets, leather jackets, jeans that will live forever, skin-tight pants, big collrs.…

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    Henry (1912-2002). French businessman. He began his career working in the steel business, and enjoyed great success. At the age of 65 he sold his company and focused on the Louis Vuitton company which was entrusted to his direction by…

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    Rose Valois

    French fashion house, founded in 1927 by the dressmaker of the same name, who had worked in the atelier of Caroline Reboux. A great art lover, Rose often took inspiration for her creations from the Impressionists and the various avant-garde…

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    Turinese furrier. Famous in the 1950s and 1960s. It was founded by Francesco Rivella, who was the owner of the Casino of Saint Vincent. He also founded a tannery, which allowed him to make profound innovations in the furrier’s art,…

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    More than a clothing piece, an element of style, especially in the world of cinema. It identifies typologies of men, situations, and emotions. In the collective imagery, it’s worn by action men: detective or gangsters. But it also appears on…

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    Amina. Neapolitan dressmaker. She had an atelier in Via dei Mille. She began her business in 1967. She was a master of knitwear, which she interpreted with a very colorful palette and an extremely meticulous approach to execution, a sartorial…

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    Alberto (1931). Italian photographer. In 1960 he moved to the United States, first to California and later to New York where he began to work with Harper’s Bazaar. From that time on, he published in Newsweek, Uomo Vogue, Mademoiselle, Domus…