• P


    Poplin is a fabric. Originally it was a light and think fabric, only destined to the exclusive use of the Pope, and was produced in Avignone.

  • S


    Satin is a generic term for any cotton or silk fabric particularly lucid and smooth. It is produced in China, in Zaitum.

  • jumpsuit


    Jumpsuit. Bell-bottom pants used during the day and for walking in the first half of 1800s, starting from around 1822

  • R

    Rhodes, Zandra

    Zandra Rhodes, born in 1940, is an English fashion designer, a symbol of breaking the mould, a revolution in costume and fashion.

  • R

    Ricci, Stefano

    Stefano Ricci, born in 1949, is a Florentine industrialist and designer, owner of the silk tie company of the same name, founded in 1972.

  • Lambrugo


    Lambrugo is a silk factory since 1918. The brand produces silk linen and dyed bemberg linings. In 1990 the brand name changed in A.G. Lambrugo & Sons.

  • Mame Fashion Dictionary La Perla Campaign 2017


    The Italian luxury lifestyle brand created by Ada Masotti in Bologna. La Perla began with handmade lingerie pieces and expanded into beach wear, sleepwear, bags, shoes, and ready-to-wear.

  • B,  Brand and Fashion Designer


    Brioni was a men’s tailor established in Rome in 1945 under the name Atelier Brioni. The firm grew, transformed itself, and expanded in 1960 with the opening of a factory in Penne, Abruzzi, the hometown of one of the two…

  • Rexlane


    Rexlane is an industry based in Prato that has been active in the field of fabrics for men's and women's clothing since 1964.