• Photographer,  S


    Sgura Giampaolo, fashion photographer of Apulian origins working in Italy and New York Giampaolo Sgura, son of olive oil producers, has appreciated the glossy world of fashion since he was a child. However, he does not have a well-defined career…

  • apfel iris

    Apfel, Iris

    Round black thick-rimmed glasses, short white hair and bright red lipstick. This is Iris Apfel, a textile and interior designer who has achieved the status of an undisputed style icon over time. Fashion, art and design are her natural habitat.

  • R

    Rowe, Franklin

    Franklin Rowe is an African-American designer. Born in the Bronx, New York, at the age of ten he was drawing sketches that he offered to neighbourhood shops.

  • R


    Revillon is a historic French fur company, founded by Louis-Victor Revillon who bought the old Parisian fashion house Givelet in 1839.

  • Renata


    Renata, trade name Renata Baumeisten, is a German fashion designer. She started out working for Elle as a graphic designer and only later devoted herself to clothes.

  • M


    Martha is a New York boutique known for promoting and selling French couturiers. Martha Philipps opened it in 1934.

  • Mame Fashion Dictionary: Ralph Lauren Featured Image


    Ralph Lauren is an American brand founded in 1967 by fashion designer, Ralph Lauren. They produce and market: apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances.

  • nigo


    Nigo is an eclectic character, at once designer, journalist and musician. His fashion focuses on youth and comfort.

  • Alexander McQueen

    McQueen, Alexander

    Alexander McQueen is world renowned fashion designer. His collections include clothing, footwear and even collaboration in sportswear