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    31 Février

    Brand of purses, created in 1987 by Hélène Népomiatzi and Marc Gourmelen. The line is noted for the originality and the irony of the creations. More than actual purses for daily use, these are surprising accessories. The pair debuted as…

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    20/100 Vincent Dumas

    A label of men’s ready-to-wear fashion. It debuted in 1993. Clearly, the 20/100 name is a French pun: “vingt-cent” sounds like “Vincent.” The French designer Dumas designed clothing that attempted to escape from the rigid strictures of men’s apparel. He…

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    The name of a chain of trend-setting boutiques. Behind it is the aesthetic and commercial supervision of Alberto Bellotti. In 1998, the first retail outlet was founded in Cantù (near Como), with a line of products that was a mix…