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    The wedge is a high cork sole. First used in ancient Greece, then becoming a hallmark of the 1930s with Ferragamo.

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    Birkenstock: German footwear company founded over 200 years ago It was founded in 1774 in a village of Germany by Johann Adam Birkenstock. At the end of the century, it became a real industry and starting from 1902, with the…

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    Blundstone: footwear brand born in Tasmania It was born in Tasmania in 1870 on the initiative of John Blundstone. He wanted to make shoes that could withstand any weather and any rough terrain. The brand has been worn by Australian…

  • Gianvito Rossi
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    Gianvito Rossi

    Gianvito Rossi, leader in the footwear sector Brand founded by Gianvito Rossi in 2006. Son of art (his father is Sergio Rossi, a man who has dedicated his life to footwear) he decided to found his own brand, which is…

  • Palladium


    Palladium: French footwear brand, particularly famous for the Pallabrousse model, a canvas shoe with a vulcanised rubber sole.

  • nine west

    Nine West

    Nine West is an American shoe company. In twenty years, it became a giant in the industry. It is the producer for the designer Calvin Klein.

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    NeroGiardini is part of Bag Spa. Based in Italy, NeroGiardini is located in Fermo-Macerata, famous for its tradition of handmade leather.

  • Amina Muaddi

    Amina Muaddi

    Amina Muaddi is a footwear designer. She found her brand in 2018, imposing her idea of aesthetic to the footwear fashion sector.