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    Cartier is a French historic jewelry store. Founded in 1847 by Louis François Cartier, it is synonymous with luxury and elegance Index The origins1.1 The Santos: the first wristwatch1.2 Louis Cartier1.3 Louis Cartier and Jean Cocteau1.4 The panther of Jeanne…

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    The footwear and leather goods company, founded by Quinto and Flora Casadei, is a consolidated brand of international scope today. Index The origins: Quinto and Flora Casadei The first wedges High-heeled pumps The second generation Brand expansion The 50th anniversary…

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    Erik Halley

    Erik Halley: a British creator Erik Halley is a British creator of jewels and accessories. He sets and assembles these eccentricities on clothes and shoes. Above all else, Erik Halley invents dream scenarios with feathers, twisting and boiling them before…

  • apfel iris

    Apfel, Iris

    Round black thick-rimmed glasses, short white hair and bright red lipstick. This is Iris Apfel, a textile and interior designer who has achieved the status of an undisputed style icon over time. Fashion, art and design are her natural habitat.



    The unique insights into colour, coupled with the perfect mix of Eastern and Western aesthetics, make Angel Chen one of the most popular emerging brands in the world.

  • R

    Rocha, John

    John Rocha (1953). Irish designer of Chinese-Portuguese origin. In '93 he was recognised as British Designer of the Year.

  • Robliant, Gabriella

    Robilant, Gabriella

    Gabriella di Robilant was a fashion designer. Her first atelier-shop was called Gabriella Sport and sold casual fashion.

  • Koos Van den Akker

    Van den Akker, Koos

    Koos Van Den Akker was a designer of Dutch origin. He began his career with Dior and became famous for his patchwork clothes.

  • Valls-David

    Valls, David

    David Valls is a Spanish fashion designer. He was born in Igualada (Catalonia). In 1984 he launched a collection for men.