Giuntini is a Tuscan company born in 1957, specialized in high quality sartorial clothing production and reference partner for many international brands.

First years

In 1957 Landa Sabatini decided to invest on her passion for fashion and to open a factory in Peccioli: the Sabatini, which was later renamed Giuntini, was born. In the first years the company specialized in knitwear production, whose quality justified its big success.

In the ’70s the Giuntini company starting realizing double faced items: this activity made the founder be called lady of doubled. Then, since the ’90s, the range of product offered increased: nowadays they include knitwear, outerwear and sartorial items.

During the years of the pandemic the company, which had obtained licenses by brands such as Mattiolo, Daks and Daniele Alessandrini women, was able to face the crisis, by reconverting production and realizing personal protection equipment in non-woven fabric.

Nowadays Giuntini, which boasts the presence of 150 dependents and the creation of 6.000 prototypes and 400.000 items every year, is still managed by Landa Sabatini and her husband Germano Giuntini, together with the children Roberta, Andrea and Nicola.

Landa Sabatini in the Peccioli factory.

The acquisition by Florence S.p.A.

In October 2020 Giuntini was acquired by Florence S.p.A., a group leaded by Francesco Trapani and born just earlier with the aim to become «the first productive pole of luxury clothing in Italy». The Group also acquired other two important Tuscan companies, Ciemmeci Fashion s.r.l. and Mel’s Maglieria s.r.l., which it holds the entire property. The Florence S.p.A. will be controlled by a consortium leaded by VAM Investments, for the 65 %, and by the founding families of the three companies.

In April 2023 the company announced the extension of the Peccioli factory. The new building will host a new tailoring division and a school dedicated to professions of fashion, which will train at least 15 people every year. The aim of the institution is to guarantee the generational change in haute couture and to create new job opportunities in the area.

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