• Armine Harutyunyan
    H,  Model

    Harutyunyan, Armine

    Armine Harutyunyan: model included by Gucci in the list of the 100 most beautiful models in the world, an unconventional beauty.

  • Lila Moss
    M,  Model

    Moss, Lila

    Moss, Lila is an English model, born on September 29, 2002 in London, UK. She is the daughter of supermodel Kate Moss.

  • C,  Model


    Vittoria Ceretti is an Italian supermodel, who rose to prominence in 2012. First noticed by D&G, she is one of the most influential models.

  • H,  Model


    H ,   MODELS ELSA HOSK: A FACE FROM ANOTHER PLANET. Elsa Hosk is the figure of a splendid alien. Many of her, in fact, define her as coming from another planet, due to her disarming beauty and her atypical features. Shiny hay blonde…

  • mabkhout

    Mabkhout, Wahb

    Mabkhout Wahb is a Moroccan photographer. In 1998 he began his career as a model and then, he discovered his passion for photography.

  • Naomi Campbell Portrait 2015 Fashion for Relief


    Naomi Campbell is an English model who was recruited at the age of 15. Her career quickly began and she appeared on British and French Vogue by 18.