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    Mouflon or muflone. A fabric used mostly for coats. It is has a long pile, and is very dense, warm and soft. Its name comes from that of the wild sheep, similar to a goat, which lives in remote areas…

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    La Pinuccia-ITALIAN WEARER

    La Pinuccia is an Italian model. This is how she was referred to in Milan; the article “La” before her real name is a connotation of affection. She was the first-ranked of the models in the Ventura dressmaker’s. She was…

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    Frankie B

    Frankie B is american brand of casual clothing. Frankie B is american brand of casual clothing. Created by the California designer Daniella Clarke, it is “half hippie and half rock and roll,” as she defines herself. Married to the guitarist…

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    FLOU The flou are wide, soft garments, detached from the body, often in light and transparent fabrics, sometimes used in several layers.     Read also: Casacca Kefiah Kimono

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    Links of London

    Links of London is an English brand of jewelry and accessories. The company was created in 1990 by the couple Annoushka Ducas and John Ayton, and is located in Guildford, near London. The name “links” comes from cufflinks. These were…

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    Fan, says an old adage: in San Simone (28 October), the fan rests especially in the hottest periods of the year An old Italian adage goes: “A San Simone, il ventaglio si ripone.” The reference is to St. Simon’s day,…

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    Le Grand

    Le Grand is a brand created by Lionel, a french glove maker. Active from the 1930s to the 1970s. He was the inventor of the velvet-calfskin, a very soft material. He has often worked with the great Paris designers creating…

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    MIFUR International leather and fur fair founded in 1995. It is held in the pavilions of Milan Fair in March, contemporaneously with two other important fairs, Mipel (leather) and Micam (footwear). Mifur represents the main Italian showcase for fur, leather…

  • Mame Fashion Dictionary: Burberry Featured


    British Luxury fashion house in London England. Registered trademark of raincoats, trench coats, ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics.