• Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 17
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    Alexander Wang is an American fashion designer and the former creative director of Balenciaga. He is credited for creating the anti-conformist fashion.

  • Vivienne Westwood Fall 2017 AD Campaign The Impression


    Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer, businesswoman, and leader through the modern punk era. She opened her first boutique in 1970 in London.

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    One the three elements in a man’s three-piece suit: sleeveless, buttoned in front with a V neck or lapels, it is worn over the shirt and under the jacket. It is the only element in a man’s suit that allows…

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    Sammy (1921). French apparel manufacturer. He is a child of the Sentier, the Parisian quarter that houses the largest number of fashion artisans. With his brother Maurice, in 1946, he industrialized the small womenswear business they had inherited from their…

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    American manufacturer of intimatewear and men’s fashion. The company produces underwear for Calvin Klein, Olga, Valentino and Warner, and men’s apparel for Ralph Lauren (Chaps line). It sells to over 16,000 stores. It is considered the second-largest American group in…

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    Stuart. He designs and produces two collections a year of shoes and bags, plus one collection for the Oscars. He is loved by actresses, internationally successful, and was born in New York, the son of a footwear manufacturer known as…

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    The way in which threads are intertwined to create a fabric. The most common weaves are cloth, twill (and its derivate batavia), and satin.

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    Western Style

    A vernacular fashion. It triggered the most powerful peaceful revolution ever seen in the field of clothing. Blue jeans are the item of clothing that only a few people on earth have decided not to include in their wardrobe. They…

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    Kirsten. English brand of hats, founded in 1984. After studying at the London College of Fashion, Kirsten began her career in 1983. She presented her models at Hyper-Hyper in London, where she was discovered by Karl Lagerfeld. From 1984 on…

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    John (1923). German fashion designer (naturalized American). He began his career in the 1950s, dedicating himself to women’s sports apparel. Beginning in the early 1960s, he changed direction and decided to focus on menswear. He was one of the first…