• S


    Stole: Today the term has widened to indicate a long cashmere or wool scarf in which to wrap oneself.

  • S


    Sable is a fur considered for years the black gold at the Russian court, where it was used for the most luxurious clothes of the Tsars.

  • F


    Fox: seductive beauty of this fur so soft and so pleasant to the touch. The fox in cinema as an escape tool

  • M


    Mink: Fur that will remain, in the history of costume, as the symbol of the economic recovery of the roaring 50s.

  • R


    Revillon is a historic French fur company, founded by Louis-Victor Revillon who bought the old Parisian fashion house Givelet in 1839.

  • Fendi Headquarter, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana


    Fendi is a high fashion Italian company, known for its luxurious fur and leather goods. Read the history of the historic brand with the double F.