Joanne Yulan Yong

Yulan Yong, Joanne

Joanne Yulan Yong, of Chinese origin, was born in Scotland and graduated from the Royal College of Art in Edinburgh. After completing her studies, she moved to Italy, in Milan, where she worked with the most important Italian fashion houses: Giorgio Armani, Max Mara, Marina Spadafora and the Gilmar Group, where in 1992 she was head designer for the Gerani line.

She still has a Chinese soul in an English style and spirit. She created and designed her own line with the Yulan label, which debuted in 2000 at London Fashion Week, in which the oriental aesthetic sense was combined with western technical precision. The result is a discreet and delicate elegance, based on very feminine and sexy details. But free from any vulgarity, on natural fabrics, precious for the evening like chiffon or silk crèpe, sporty for the day, like tweed and wool herringbone.

Her dresses are tailored, with simple, slim lines, that sit discreetly on the body, but emphasise the sensuality with deep slits and clever asymmetrical effects.

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