Rexlane: Clothing fabrics industry

Rexlane is an industry based in Prato that has been operating in the field of fabrics for men’s and women’s clothing since 1964. Its products are aimed at the medium-high end of the market and are the result of processing, often in blends, both natural fibres (silk and linen) and technological ones (Lycra and nylon). The company’s hallmark is innovation: from the worsted fabrics of the 1970s to the double-faced fabrics of the following decade and the current ones with a high fashion content. In 1993, the company diversified with a line of accessories: scarves and shawls.

Première Vision and Ideabiella

It presents its women’s collections at Première Vision and its men’s collections at Ideabiella. In addition to these important appointments twice a year, Rexlane presents to a limited number of customers a pre-collection with the fabric-colour trends for the season, and a post-collection with the latest novelties in terms of patterns. Six annual meetings to maintain an ongoing dialogue with its most significant customers.

The Brand over the years

At the end of 2014, the Rexlane wool mill ceased operations. A mobility agreement was signed for the nineteen employees still working for the textile company. Some of the workers (ten since May) had already left the company and since 2005, when the total number of employees was 58, there has been a thinning of the wool mill workforce.

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