Ricci, Stefano

Stefano Ricci 

The Birth of the Brand

Stefano Ricci (1949) is a Florentine industrialist and fashion designer. He is the owner of the silk-only tie company of the same name, founded in 1972 from his father’s textile industry. He designs the fabrics himself. Since 1996 he has also been producing shirts and outerwear and has launched the world’s most expensive tie ($1500), which he has sold mainly in America, at Bijian, the boutique on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles that receives customers by appointment only and counts among its clients many US presidents and, of course, many actors.


Classic Italy and Pitti Men

Classico Italia’s participation in Pitti Men is organized in the splendid setting of the Uffizi Courtyard in Florence. Alongside the creations of its griffe, the 23 maisons belonging to the Classico Italia Consortium also presented their collections. During the same event, Neiman Marcus and Lamborghini Automobili unveiled the fruit of the great design project on which Ricci himself has worked for a long time: the Lamborghini Diablo.

Stefano Ricci After Show Pitti Men
Stefano Ricci After Show Pitti Men

The Assignment of the Italian government 

At the request of the Italian government, Ricci created ties for the participants at the International Conference in Florence, a summit of the eight most industrialised nations on the planet. The designer designed and produced only eight pieces, one for each representative: Bill Clinton, F. Enrique Cardoso, Tony Blair, Massimo D’Alema, Lionel Jospin and Gerhard Schröder. “Solo Una”, the most precious tie created by the designer, worth 10,000 dollars (the most expensive ever made) is displayed in the 18-metre showcase of Brandimarte, a silverware shop in Florence.

Points of Sale

After the Monte Carlo boutique, the Beverly Hills boutique on Rodeo Drive and the three Chinese shops in Shanghai, Dalian and Chengdu, the brand of men’s shirts, ties and outerwear is opening a flagship store in Beijing, inside the St. Regis Hotel.

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