• amina-rubinacci

    Rubinacci, Amina

    Amina Rubinacci is a Neapolitan dressmaker. She has an atelier in Via dei Mille. She started the business in 1967. She is a master of knitwear.

  • Z

    Ziche, Franco

    Building on the experience of his predecessors, Franco Ziche has succeeded in building a leading industrial group.

  • Alberto-Zanone-

    Zanone, Alberto

    Alberto Zanone (1953) is an Italian designer specialising in knitwear. He started out working for the Della Rovere brand.

  • Zamasport


    Zamasport was founded in Novara in 1966 with the idea of renovating and transforming Maglificio Augusto Zanetti.

  • Mame Fashion Dictionary: Benetton 2011 Campaign


    Benetton was established in 1965 in Ponzano Veneto, Italy, by the Benetton family. It started as an artisan's workshop that specialized in knitwear that was well-designed at rather affordable prices and now is a global fashion brand.