Zanone, Alberto

Alberto Zanone is an Italian designer, specialized in knitwear. He started out in the 1970s, working on product planning and quality research for the Della Rovere label. He achieved commercial success with the invention of reversible cashmere and lambswool pieces. Later, the Italian designer founded his own label in 1987 and started producing more modern, linear knitwear made from combed yarns, predicting a trend that subsequently materialized. 

The Tibet fibres project 

For several years, Zanone has been responsible for the “Tibet fibres” project on behalf of an American foundation, the “Bridge Found”. The aim is to promote one of the primary resources of the Tibetan people: yak fibre. Since 2001, under the brand name Recycled Knit, she has been recovering second-rate knits and, with manual interventions that mask the defects, she upgrades an industrial product destined to be discarded, transforming it into a unique piece. The brand is distributed in Milan, Florence, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

zanone 3
The Fibre Tibet project


In 1991 Zanone founded OPOS, which was born out of a desire to explore other fields of design, to research and experiment, and with the aim of discovering and launching new talents. OPOS brings together people from the worlds of design, architecture, publishing and communication. It is still active today, based in Milan in an early 20th century industrial building. OOPS has exhibited more than two hundred and fifty projects, many of which have gone into production.

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An exhibition at Opos

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