Sant’Andrea (via)

Sant’Andrea (via): street of Milan. Ugo Foscolo lived there. It’s in the middle of the so-called fashion quadrilateral (via della Spiga, via Manzoni, via Montenapoleone and part of corso Venezia), which isn’t a perfect quadrilateral, since old Milan’s street weren’t always straight.

Stores in via Sant’Andrea

In Via Sant’Andrea, in Milan, you can find Alexander McQueen (Boutique Alexander McQueen, house number 21), Borsalino (Boutique Borsalino, house number 5), Bottega Veneta(Boutique Bottega Veneta, house number 15),Cesare Paciotti (Boutique Cesare Paciotti, house number 8),Chanel (Boutique Chanel, house number 10/A), Costume National (Boutique Costume National, house number 12), Givenchy (Boutique Givenchy, house number 11), Jil Sander (Jil Sander Navy, house number 16), Jimmy Choo (Boutique Jimmy Choo, house number 1/A), Missoni(Boutique Missoni, house number 2), Miu Miu (Boutique Miu Miu, house number 21), Moschino (Moschino Flagship Store, house number 25), Prada (Prada Official Store, house number 21) e YSL (Saint Laurent Store, house number 21).

Moschino Flagship Store in via Sant’Andrea.


Most of via Montenapoleone was monopolized by fashion already before Milan became the prêt-à-porter capital; via Sant’Andrea was instead animated by antique dealers’ stores. Only Biki tailor’s shop was there, without windows. Then fashion conquered the street. More or less payed, antique dealers Dino Franzin, Silva, Sacerdoti, Zecchini, Schieppati, the Bottega del Mago left. The occupation didn’t spare either Il Baretto by Ermanno Taschera, which debuted in via Sant’Andrea in 1963, and Sevigné, a porcelain and glass store.

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