Philippe Sandrine

Philippe Sandrine 1970

Philippe Sandrine (1970) is a French fashion designer

Sandrine Philippe (1970) is a French fashion designer. Works in Paris. He is practically making his debut, after a period of apprenticeship with Popi Moreni and Courrèges. In 1996, he participated in the Salone Workshop. In 1990, she was invited to exhibit two of her designs in Tokyo at the Coulisses de la Mode, which closed the La France au Japon. Subsequently, she opens her own atelier in Paris, in rue Hérold 6.

Here, the designer dedicates herself to the production of haute couture garments but also signs her own ready-to-wear line which is distributed in twelve countries around the world.

Sandrine Philippe
Philippe Sandrine

In 2008 the decision to also create a menswear line. Its dark and post-atomic aesthetic also reaches the male universe. His are instantly recognizable pieces, crafted in his Parisian workshop.

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