Rosier, Michèle

Michèle Rosier (1930-2017): A French Fashion Designer and Journalist.

Michèle Rosier (1930-2017) was a French journalist and fashion designer. Of her, daughter of Hélène Gordon-Lazareff, the founder of Elle magazine, a Herald Tribune journalist said: “She did for ready-to-wear what Courrèges did for haute couture”.


Initially launched into journalism, she abandoned it to form, together with Emmanuelle Khanh, whom she met in ’59, and Christiane Bailly, a trio of designers who would shake up French fashion in the early ’60s. In 1962 she founded V de V (Vetements des Vacances) and, after collaborating with various designers, she helped to spread the use of sportswear in everyday life and the use of new materials such as black patent leather and vinyl. The Americans nicknamed her ‘plastic queen’ for this reason.

In 1974 he left fashion for the cinema.

kiss me, 1987
kiss me, 1987

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