damir doma

Damir Doma

Damir Doma is a brand founded in 2006 by homonymous Croatian fashion designer.

Development of the brand

Born in Virovitica, in Croatia, in 1981, Damir Doma grew up in Germany, between canvas painted by his mother; after his studies – and a degree with full marks at ESMOD in Berlin – he moved to Anversa, were he worked with Ann Demeulemeester, Dirk Schönberger and Raf Simons: the last one, in particular, made him expand his horizons and identify his aesthetic sensibility.

After his German experiences, he moved to Paris, where he founded the homonymous brand and presented his first menswear collection, in 2007, really well welcomed. In 2010, instead, he presented his first womenswear collection.

In 2015 the fashion designer announced many ventures to strengthen his brand, among which the relocation of his headquarters in Milan, in order to seek for better materials and reduce the distance between ideation and production. His successful collections are sold in the most important luxury stores, among which Dover Street Market, L’Eclaireur, Joyce and Le Bon Marché.

After a capsule collection realized in 2017 with Lotto, made of 28 menswear items and 28 womenswear ones, the fashion designer has kept presenting his collections for two years; then, after SS 2019, he took a break for two years.

In 2021, indeed, he came back to fashion, with the collection Diomene, presented as a personal and professional renaissance, characterized by slower and less frenzied rhythms and by items realized in a more ethical way, which aren’t subjected to obsolescence programmed by trends. It was a return to the essential.

Damir Doma style

damir doma
Damir Doma collection, AW 2017/2018.

Collections designed by Damir Doma are inspired by an androgynous fluidity and want to exalt the caducity of human bodies: so they include silhouette inspired by art and architecture world, where the juxtaposition of more and less refined textures is clear.

The style of the fashion designer discombobulates modern wardrobes, creating a contrast between different cultural and historical spheres. His menswear and womenswear collections – especially after 2015 – resemble more and more and are inclined to a more and more clear androgyny.

The fashion designers he met in Anversa when he was young influenced him: his items, indeed, are characterized by oversize volumes, asymmetric and layered silhouettes and frequent monochromatic elements. There are also reminds to Balkan areas where he was born.

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