Egonlab (2019)



Egonlab is a unisex clothing brand founded in 2019 by Florentin Glémarec and Kévin Nompeix.

This is a brand that promises to look at humanity’s past mistakes and manifest them by calling for change through its designs. We can also say that there is an understanding of the new generation’s need for expression through the purchase of new pieces. They immediately made their mark by launching their first collection called LÁppel, which represents this urgent need for change.

Egonlab´s first collection”LÁppel”



Egonlab’s main inspiration comes from societal culture and the various revolutions that have taken place throughout history that have had an impact on the modern world. Nowadays, customers have a new mentality towards the act of buying, which has become a political demand and a way of representing their values and passing on a message. They are not intended to be a political movement but a social awakening.
With regard to the goal of appealing to sustainability, Egonlab offers green material sourcing and a reduction in production waste through the pre-ordering service in its e-commerce.

According to the creative directors, the brand’s main pillars are learning from the past, living in the present and building our future. We need to look to the past, honour it and learn from its mistakes in order to achieve a better future and find solutions in an industry that has shaped decades and communicates on its own.

“Taking up traditional codes and know-how while transcribing them in modern silhouettes is the basis of our work. We are thus celebrating all eras and creating our own aesthetic”- Egonlab.


“Egonlab is, above all, a brand that does not judge. We dress all kinds, all colours, all religions and without distorting the identity of the person who wears it. We have worked on many projects related to gender and acceptance, especially with our models Dustina and Gaïa Orgeas”- Egonlab.

In the collections of the new French brand, there is no lack of flared trousers, low-waisted jeans with rips and cut-outs and leather shorts or jackets. The garments are youthful and often have a deliberately scruffy and worn look. Scottish kilt skirts, studs and prints on T-shirts add a punk tone to the creations.

Autumn-Winter 2023 collection


Two of the brand’s ambassadors are the over eighty years old grandparents of Kévin Nompeix, one of the founders, who often offer themselves as models to advertise the brand’s clothes. In this way, they showed their interest in bridging the different eras.

” It all started one evening in our little Parisian studio. My grandparents had come to see the collection in advance. My grandfather wanted to try out all the garments and it clicked. We offered them to wear our clothes during Paris Fashion Week. When they first left the Palais de Tokyo, it was a general surprise both for the photographers and for us. I think this will remain one of the most beautiful experiences.”- Egonlab.

Nompeix’s grandparents



“The lockdown has been very prolific and fruitful for us. We’ve turned all that downtime into creative energy. It was especially during lockdown that we signed a collaboration with Sergio Tacchini. It was a real challenge for us because we had to make two collections while the whole world was at a standstill. We also imagined during this period the scenario – Myth of Renewal – of the video that we were going to present during our first parade in the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week. The concept is to integrate our mannequins and our collection into a digital 3D matrix.”- Egonlab.

Egonlab x Sergio Tacchini collection

The 2023 Grammy Awards were Egonlab’s most important showcase to date. For this occasion, designers Florentin Glémarec and Kévin Nompeix created a colourful and distinctive outfit for Harry Styles in collaboration with Swarovski.

Harry Styles at the Grammy Awards 2023

Conclusion: Egonlab is a new French brand that promises to revolutionise the fashion industry.

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