cristina brigidini

Brigidini, Cristina

Cristina Brigidini (1935) is an Italian fashion journalist, who directed L’Uomo Vogue between 1979 and 1992.

Her career

Cristina Brigidini started her career in 1962, as fashion editor at the weekly Marie Claire (Aldo Palazzi Publishing), which was directed by the high-demanding Antonia Monti. In 1965 Anna Piaggi and Anna Riva called her to Arianna, a new trendy monthly published by Mondadori. In time she became responsible for the Quaderni di Arianna, together with chief-editor Fausto Carulli, then she moved to Linea Italiana, the official magazine of Italian fashion, edited by Mondadori too and which she became director of.

In 1979 Franco Sartori appointed her director of L’Uomo Vogue, making her the first woman to direct a specialized men’s magazine. Under her leadership the monthly had great success in international circulation and advertising revenue. In 1992, after almost 13 years, she left L’Uomo Vogue and Marco Rivetti, President of Pitti Immagine, offered her a consulting job as press office and special project supervisor, a position that she still holds alongside Sibilla della Gherardesca, director of Public Relations.

Later, in 1999, Cristina Brigidini collaborated with Guido Vergani and Franco Belli to publish the Fashion Dictionary (edited by Baldini+Castoldi): the project, which was supported by Pitti Immagine and intended, through its definitions, to investigate every aspect of fashion system, was the forerunner of many paper editions of Fashion Encyclopedia (Alessandro Dalai Publishing) and of this digital database.

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