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Jean Prouvost ‘s bet, who launched the weekly Marie Claire magazine dedicated to women in 1937, was largely won with the success of a formula that evolves but which has maintained its vocation over the years: to give the reader an unpublished newspaper, a refined image. but affordable price, innovative graphics and a wealth of suggestions, an optimistic color cover with a fresh and young woman’s face. Moving to Lyon during the war, the newspaper continued to be published until 1944.


It returned to news stands after a decade and proposed itself as a monthly. Significantly, giving more space to the columns and more attention to the requests of its readers. Mainly for 75 percent of the province. Women who needed practical advice but also entertainment; mythical are the chronicles of Louise de Vilmorin from Venice, Moscow and Monte Carlo. In 1960 the supplement “101 ideas to be happy” becomes “101 ideas, wonderful fashion opportunities”. In the newspaper, the woman is seen not only as a hostess but as a protagonist of the change in society. For her, important battles are fought by Marcelle Auclair at the forefront of women’s and social problems.

marie clairePOURQUOI LES FEMMES SONT-ELLES MOINS LIBRES QUE LES HOMMES _ Marcelle Auclair for Marie Claire. N ° 27 Janvier


Renamed in ’68, “The couple’s magazine”. The magazine launches itself, for example, in the campaign in favor of contraception and takes sides for militant feminism. All the while never losing sight of the evolution of customs. Notably, in 1974 the editor-in-chief Claude Brouet created a male beauty column. In constant transformation, the monthly returns in ’76 in the hands of Evelyne Prouvost who repurchased the property becoming its director while in 1977 it will be the L’Oréal Group to take 40 percent of it. While continuing to make fashion her mission, Marie Claire maintains her role as a guide for female readers. And she does it with columns such as Law, Testimonials and Health, with particular attention to married life.


During the 1980s, with Catherine Lardeur as editor-in-chief, the newspaper opened up to the province: ten regional editions were born but soon a great impetus brought Marie Claire all over the world: in 82 the first international edition was released, the Japanese one followed by many others in Europe and overseas. Italian Marie Claire, after the weekly experience of the 60s wanted by Palazzi , made her debut in the monthly version of Mondadori in October ’87 under the direction of Vera Montanari, who was succeeded, in ’94, by Chicca Menoni .


The Italian formula does not differ from the original imprint of the French newspaper: a medium full of information and emotions, dedicated to women who live, who love, who work. In 2002, the year in which Valeria Corbetta briefly assumed the position of director, the magazine was absorbed by the publishing group Hachette Rusconi and Vera Montanari took over the helm. The Russian, Polish and Chinese editions make their debut; today there are 24 national editions of the “magazine”. There are seven publications published by the Marie Claire Group, including Marie Claire Maison, Marie France, Cosmopolitan . Since 2007 Antonella Antonelli has been in command , but since January 2018,  Antonella Bussi , former deputy director of Vanity Fair, becomes the new editor of the magazine until 2021.

After a brief interlude in which Massimo Russo leads the newspaper, in March 2022 the new director of Marie Claire was appointed: Manuela Ravasio, who has been in the editorial office since 2008.

marie claireLatest issue of Marie Claire. May 2021


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