Pitti Immagine

Nonprofit company with mixed public and private capital, which originated from the fashion business developed by Giovanni Battista Giorgini at the beginning of the 1950s in Florence, where he used the Palazzo Pitti’s Sala Bianca to hold his runway shows. That experience — managed since 1954 by the Florence Center for Italian Fashion, now a holding company of Pitti Immagine (thus named since 1988) — kickstarted Italian fashion’s successful venture on the international scene. The company’s first president was Marco Rivetti, who gave an innovative boost to a modern vision of the market. He was followed by the textile manufacturer Mario Boselli. The managing director is Raffaello Napoleone. Pitti Immagine is an authoritative figure in the international field of fashion fairs and exhibitions. Pitti Immagine currently operates eight trade fairs for the high-quality textile and appareal industry: Pitti Immagine Uomo (menswear), Pitti Immagine Bimbo (childreswear), Filati e Fragranze (threads and yarns and perfumes, colognes, and scents), all in lorence; Pitti Immagine Living (home furnishings), and the trio of women’s fashion (White, NeoZone, and Cloudnine), in Milan as well as important cultural initiatives, events, research, and communications, that bring together the most advanced Italian and international fashion industries with other sectors and other forms of expression for contemporary creativity. In the last fifteen years they have introduced vital changes to the character and organization of textile and clothing fairs. In fact Pitti Immagine can be credited with the invention of fashion culture: the combination of the traditional fair’s platform for meeting and the exchange of information with a more general forum for discussing the various sociological, economic, and communication issues that continually arise from fashion products. This innovative format was conceived by Luigi Settembrini, who was called in 1985 to take up the role of communications consultant, which he stayed until 1995. It has spawned important exhibitions, events, runway shows, research, conferences, seminars, and publications in association with museums, institutions, and figures of international standing in fashion, art, and contemporary creative and scientific culture. These events have added a new dimension to the fairs, presenting new ideas, views, and interesting stimuli to fashion professionals and an informed public. Thanks to this and to the other advanced services on offer to exhibitors and visitors, the fairs currently organized by Pitti Immagine have achieved impressive results: they are followed by professionals, experts, and by the international press; they are considered an essential point of reference for the sectors they cover; and they represent fashion trends, creative and technical developments, and diversification processes in the fashion market at the highest level.
&Quad;2001. Guggenheim Prize for Business & Culture.
&Quad;2002, February. Gaetano Marzotto, first son of Vittorio, was elected by the Florence Center for Italian Fashion as the new president of Pitti Immagine, replacing Mario Boselli.