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Pitti Immagine is an Italian company based in Florence. It is an active in the organization of international fairs and communication events. Mainly, with the aim of researching, supporting and enhancing the Italian fashion supply chain in the world. Recently it has extended its range of action to the sectors of food and wine and high-end perfumery. The company is under the umbrella of the CFMI Group.

Pitti Immagine above all acknowledges the merit of having changed the way of understanding a trade fair event. The choice to combine the purely commercial aspect with the cultural one has resulted in an event that is also an annual event.

An eagerly awaited information and research event on industrial issues. This is how events, reviews, competitions, shows and seminars were born with the aim of validating the trade fair experience of the professionals.

Pitti Immagine has its foundations in the activity of Giovanni Battista Giorgini who, in the 1950s, was the first to organize fashion shows in competition with the French system in the Sala Bianca of the Pitti Palace in Florence.

The promotional dynamics and the international public decreed the success of the operation which in 1954 led to the establishment of the Florence Center for Italian Fashion (CFMI) , now a holding company of which Pitti Immagine is a part.


In 1967 Giorgini left the presidency in the hands of Franco Tancredi. Over the course of a decade, therefore, the event is reorganized by moving high fashion to Rome. A policy of differentiation from the fashion system of Milan, the nascent capital of women’s prêt-à-porter, is launched.

In ’72 Pitti Uomo was born, a fair entirely dedicated to men’s clothing; in ’75 Pitti Bimbo made its debut for children’s fashion. ’77 is the turn of Pitti Filati, a reference point for all producers and stylists in the world and in ’78 Pitti Casa, from whose rib the Salone del Mobile in Milan will be born.

These were years of great success that saw designers such as Giorgio Armani , Walter Albini and the Missoni couple make their debut .


In the Eighties the historic Sala Bianca was closed and the fairs took place in the pavilions of the Fortezza da Basso; today a place of excellent Made in Italy presentations. With the appointment of the new president and CEO Marco Rivetti, the company takes the current name of Pitti Immagine. This is followed by the presidency of Vittorio Rimbotti, under the direction of Raffaello Napoleone, who implements innovative marketing and communication strategies tailored to the events.

Pitti ImmagineRaphael Napoleon

Pitti, therefore, asserts itself as the main trade fair for men’s clothing. Thus he leaves the leadership in women’s fashion in Milan and in Rome the management of haute couture.

At the turn of the new millennium, with the leadership of the new president Gaetano Marzotto, Pitti promoted the restoration of the Stazione Leopolda; today owned by the company and theater of the most spectacular events of the demonstrations.


Subsequently, Pitti Immagine Discovery, a research foundation on creative circuits that fashion establishes with other disciplines and Pitti Fragranze, an annual event dedicated to international artistic perfumery, were inaugurated. In the same years, Pitti Taste, an exhibition dedicated to Italian food and wine of excellence, and Pitti W Woman Precollection, an exhibition dedicated to spring – summer precollections, were born. More recently it is the turn of Pitti Vintage Selection, an exhibition-market of vintage clothing, accessories and design.

In 2010, with the new president Alberto Pecci, Fiera Digitale was founded, the company that manages the e-Pitti website, a web platform that amplifies the visibility of fairs on the internet, with online showroom services for all customers.



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