Daniel (1943). French hairdresser. His birth name is Franµois Guérard. In 1962 he began as the assistant and student at the famous French salon, Alexandre. At Alexandre he experienced his first contact with a refined clientele, with the world of cinema, and fashion exhibitions. He quit Alexandre to open his own business called Harlow. Initially it was a tiny space — only 35.11 square yards. His success was immediate. Articles and photos were published in Madame Express, Vogue, and Marie Claire to announce the creativity of this young talent. He delighted in provocative slogans such as ‘Harlow: for those who don’t like hairdressers’, a sentence that certainly didn’t earn him the sympathy of colleagues. It stirred a protest instead. In 1978 he opened a new salon in the center of the Halles. His style focuses particularly on cutting. In the total punk age he cut hair along the streaks to add volume. During the 1980s and 1990s he owned 12 salons with 160 employees.