1017 Alyx 9sm

1017 ALYX 9SM

1017 ALYX 9SM is a brand founded in 2015 by Matthew Williams. Its name includes a reference to fashion designer’s daughter (ALYX), Williams’ date of birth (1017) and a reference to the place where his first atelier opened, in Saint Mark’s Place, in New York (9SM).

When Matthew Williams moved to Italy, the headquarters of the brand, which originally were in New York, were moved to Ferrara, in order to better manage production and distribution.

1017 alyx 9sm
Outfit from Paris Fashion Week 2019.

1017 ALYX 9SM style

1017 ALYX 9SM was born to mix streetwear and tailoring, with a feminine target; since 2017 its supply has expanded and included menswear, accessories, underwear, beachwear and footwear.

The brand is marked by research and quality of its urban-inspired fabrics; sustainability is another important value: so ways to minimize the impact on environment are used, among which recover, which consist in recycling unused pieces of fabrics and in weaving them together with plastic.


The brand is really appreciated in urban ambiences and since 2017 it has been joining the Paris Fashion Week. The fame it reached earned it important partnerships, such as the ones with Moncler, Nike, Stüssy and Caruso, which realized entirely made in Italy fabrics for AW 2021/222 collection.

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