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The Attico

The Attico is an Italian brand, co-founded by Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio.

The beginning

Giorgia Tordini, born in the Marche in 1987, and Gilda Ambrosio, born in Naples in 1992, were both passionated with fashion: the father of the former is a successful footwear designer, while the parents of the latter manage a clothing store, whose dummies Ambrosio practiced on when she was a girl. Later both moved to Milan to study fashion, respectively at IED and at Istituto Marangoni. After they met, through a friend in common, they started their career as consultant for brands and magazines.

The Attico
Giorgia Tordini.
The Attico
Gilda Ambrosio.
The two fashion designers founded the brand The Attico in Milan in 2016: its strength comes from the combination of two very different personalities: Gilda is daring and lively and she loves Cher’s style, while Giorgia is discreet and meditative, so she gives sensuality and moderation. 
The first collection debuted in FW 2016, in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week, and it was really successful, also thanks to their popularity on Instagram: it was sold to more than 70 retailer in the entire world and several items went sold out.

Just after a year from its debut, the brand was awarded with the Footwear News Achievement Awards because it was the best launch of the year; moreover, it received eulogies from fashion magazines worldwide and it designed exclusive capsule collections for Net-à-Porter and A similar success was seen also in the social media world, since The Attico reached the third position among the most popular brands on Instagram.

The Attico

The new path of the brand

In 2018 the brand gave its 49 % to Archive investment fund, guided by Remo Ruffini, President and CEO of Moncler. Later the proposal of the brand increased: in 2021, indeed, leisurewear and the first collection of bags were introduced. Finally, after years of success, the founders decided to organize the first The Attico runway show, on the occasion of September 2023 Milan Fashion Week.

The first scheduled fashion show corresponds to the last collection designed by fashion designer Alessandro Vigilante, replaced by Maurizio Iapicca, who left his role at Burberry.

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