Ferrera Marella

Marella Ferrera

The artist Marella Ferrera

Marella Ferrera is an eclectic and sophisticated artist whose sartorial creations are characterized by sober lines but revolutionized by the use of materials such as lava stone and cork. His stylistic creations, which draw on the historical and cultural traditions of Sicily, are an experimentation of innovative elements.

The life of Ferrera Marella

Ferrera Marella was born in Catania in 1960. After studying in her beloved Sicily, in 1978 she moved to Rome to pursue her dream: fashion. He enrolled in the Academy of Costume and Fashion. Later he moved to Milan, where he opened a showroom. Marella Ferrera personally follows the production of her creations only in the Catania atelier, opened by her parents in 1958.

The official debut in international fashion dates back to 1993. Her collection, in fact, parades on the catwalks of “Alta Moda Roma” and is acclaimed as a revelation of the year. In 1995, in his native land, he inaugurated a studio-atelier dedicated to the world of the bride, still today the spearhead of his collections. In 2001 he paraded in Milan with the prêt à porter collection. However, his favorite catwalk, as well as the most awaited, remains the Roman one of high fashion, where he still parades in the official calendar today.

In 2003, at the Ravenna festival, Marella Ferrera, is present with precise stylistic interventions in “Maria Callas” directed and choreographed by Micha Van Hoecke and creates the wedding dress, using sixty types of Sicilian embroideries, for the Countess Franca Tasca D’Almerita.

Marella Ferrera - L'alta moda a Catania - THE DUCKER
Marella Ferrera

In the year 2015, Marella Ferrera was rightfully appointed to helm the creative direction of the Hilton Catania Capo Mulini project, a role she embraced with a distinctive vision centered around embodying the essence of Sicilian identity. This idea encapsulates a belief that a space ought to echo the character of its locale and narrate the tale of the ‘genius loci’ or the spirit of the place. Her approach envisaged creating a milieu where the very fabric of the establishment would resonate with the local culture, history, and unique narrative of Sicily, thereby offering a profound experiential connection to its patrons.

Her journey of translating the quintessence of Sicilian ethos into a tangible reality was a meticulous endeavor, entailing a deep dive into the historical, cultural, and social tapestry of the region. Every design element chosen, from the color palettes to the architectural nuances, was meticulously curated to reflect and honor the rich narrative of the Sicilian locale, thereby allowing the Hilton Catania Capo Mulini to stand not merely as a luxurious abode but as a storytelling canvas that warmly welcomes its guests into the heart of Sicily.

Parallel to her illustrious career in design, her fervor for the theatrical arts has been a vibrant chapter of her creative journey. Her dalliance with theatre extended beyond mere appreciation, manifesting in fruitful collaborations for costume design on numerous occasions. Her intuitive understanding of narrative and character, honed from her design background, found a harmonious expression in the realm of costume design, where she meticulously crafted attires that augmented the narrative, characters, and the ambiance of the theatrical productions she was involved with.

Marella at her work
Marella at her work

This profound love for theatre eventually culminated in the establishment of a theater workshop in Catania. The workshop became a crucible of creativity, a space where the synergy between design and theatrical narrative was explored, nurtured, and celebrated. It was here that she could meld her design acumen with her passion for storytelling through the medium of theatre, thereby contributing to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Catania. Through this endeavor, she not only enriched her own creative repertoire but also fostered a collaborative space for aspiring artists and theater enthusiasts to delve into the magical confluence of design and drama, all under the inspiring backdrop of Sicilian heritage.


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