• Ferrera Marella

    Marella Ferrera

    Marella Ferrera is an eclectic and sophisticated artist whose sartorial creations are characterized by sober lines but revolutionized by the use of materials such as lava stone and cork.

  • R

    Roberta di Camerino

    Roberta di Camerino is the brand of fashion designer Giuliana Coen Camerino, famous mainly for her unmistakable velvet bags.

  • Rena Lange

    Rena Lange

    Rena Lange is a German haute couture and ready-to-wear label, founded in 1963 by Peter Gunthert from a swimwear shop.

  • Renata


    Renata, trade name Renata Baumeisten, is a German fashion designer. She started out working for Elle as a graphic designer and only later devoted herself to clothes.