Andrew Mackenzie is a British stylist born in Wales in 1954, graduated from the Dyfed College of Art and Design, later specializing at the London College of Fashion Technology. He lived and worked in New York, Paris, and South Africa. Since 1980 he has lived in Italy and has designed a collection of jeans and menswear under the label Amk-Andrew Mackenzie, launched in Spring-Summer 1998. At his first catwalk show in Moscow in October 2002, he provoked and fascinated with his “electroclashers,” later shown in Stockholm and Rotterdam. Mackenzie has also successfully participated at AltaRomaAltaModa.

Mackenzie collections

At the Milano Moda Uoma, men’s catwalk shows, Mackenzie presented a new collection. He combined a revival of 1970s American designs with Andy Warhol’s Pop Art and Bowie-style decadence, with punk and psychedelia, using chains, studs, unexpected juxtapositions, zips, metal decorations, and long laces strung around the wrists.

For their Italian summer tour, including their appearance at Festivalbar and the Heineken Jammin Festival, the Turin-based band Subsonica, founded in 1996, wore clothes created exclusively for them by Mackenzie.
Mackenzie presented his Spring-Summer 2003 collection in Moscow, comprising men’s and women’s clothing as well as the Flash Uomo line.

Jeans Amk-Andrew Mackenzie

At the Fantasy exhibition held in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni at AltaRomaAltaModa, Mackenzie exhibited a unique garment created for the occasion. He was inspired by the surreal and imaginary. A few days later, he showed his designs in the Auditorium. The performance once again payed homage to the 1970s and the icons of that period, from Warhol and Iggy Pop to Bowie, reliving the spirit of the glory years of Pop Art.
Less extreme and dark compared with previous years, the new Uomo collection, drawing on digital and technological stimuli, was as fresh and irreverent as the youthful spirit it sought to embody. Mackenzie’s models were accompanied by laser projections and water displays, representing street culture as a form of life philosophy. The garments themselves were associated with various aspects of streetwear, from the very sporty to the most elegant.

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