mad carpentier

Mad Carpentier

Mad Carpentier is a french tailoring house founded in 1940. After the closure of Madame Vionnet’s Parisian fashion house, Madeleine Maltézos and the sales director, Suzanne Carpentier, opened their own atelier in the city. It shut in 1950, after ten years in business.

Maltezos was a designer and creative spirit. Carpentier recognized herself as a refined and friendly owner, while Vionette as a former vendeuse who kept some of her ideas for soft evening gowns.

At the end of the 1940s, Mad Carpentier created evening dresses of extraordinary historical fantasy. There is a softening of the body through mock draping and creating the sumptuousness of new evening gowns in the post-war period determined mainly by the silhouette.

However, Mad Carpentier’s dresses remind too much of the past. For this reason, they didn’t manage to reach the same success of Fath and Dior in those ages. Plus they failed to capture the spirit of the ‘new’ necessary for post-war commercialization and imagination.

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