Mabro Male

Mabro is a clothing company founded in 1957 by Manlio Brozzi, the heir to a longstanding family tailoring tradition. New factories were opened in 1970 in Grosseto, that brought together the different production phases of suits and coats made of Tasmanian wool, cashmere and silk, without neglecting made-to-measure tailoring, which continued alongside industrial production.

During the 1990s, the group produced garments for prestigious labels, such as Pierre Cardin, Berry of London, and Maxim’s of Paris. Howeverm a production crisis at the beginning of the new century led to redundancy pay-offs for a large number of the 400 employees at the Tuscan plant.

A detail of the clothes signed Mabro

Originally, it was just a development idea with a factory behind it. Indeed, it was born to transfer the art of tailoring into an industrial dimension. Today, however, Mabro is a flexible and creative company, enriched by the presence of a new management led by Lanificio Marcolana srl. This is an historic textile company, with solid, professional and diversified experiences in the sector. 

In the industrial reality of Mabro, the intervention of attentive eyes and expert hands is clearly evident in every single detail, a production process where the most advanced technologies and instruments are at the service of man.

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