Wallace Sewell


Wallace Sewell is a British fashion accessories brand created in 1992 by Hariet Wallace-Jones (Dorset, 1965) and Emma Sewell (Norwich, 1964). Having studied first at Saint Martin’s and then at the Royal College of Art (’90), they specialised in fabric design. After graduating, they started working in tandem, producing a line of scarves and stoles.

Wallace-Jones ed Emma Sewell

The brand’s productions are known for their use of colour, texture and yarn to create striking geometric shapes influenced by Bauhaus, combining practicality and innovation.


Wallace Sewell uses traditional techniques. In fact, the design process begins on hand looms in studios in London and Dorset. While, the production then follows in a family run mill. The fabric is then washed and pressed to a finish to give the cloth a luxurious handle.

Since the brand’s inception, Emma and Harriet are proud to have always worked in their homeland, embracing the British textile industry for its wealth of experience and manufacturing excellence.

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