Catherine. French designer. She works in England. She began her career in 1975 with a company making clothing for children, in order to overcome the loss of her husband. She later founded The Chelsea Design Company and in 1991 she presented a prêt-à-porter line. She received in 1990 the title of Designer of the Year for British Couture and in 1991 the Designer of the Year for Glamour.
&Quad;In November 1998, Lady Di’s favorite fashion designer published with Universe Books her autobiography and wrote about her friendship with the Princess of Wales.
&Quad;2002. From May to November, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London celebrated her 25-year career, with a personal show in the Dress Gallery. On display were more than 50 sketches by the fashion designer, including sketches for outfits worn by Princess Diana, by the Viscountess Serena Linley, Lady Helen Taylor, and by Lady Gabriella Windsor. For the occasion a book also came out that described the career of the fashion designer, Catherine Walker, 25 Years, British Couture.