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The 2024 MET GALA, held on Monday, May 6th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, is a grand event where celebrities gather, shining brightly and dazzlingly. They compete in splendor and elegance, interpreting this year’s theme “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” through the dress code “The Garden of Time”.

The chairperson of this edition, Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, along with co-chairs Bad Bunny, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez, and Zendaya, welcome celebrities dressed as “Reawakened Sleeping Beauties” on the red carpet of 2024 MET GALA.

2024 Met Gala : Sleeping Beauties : Reawakening

The theme of this edition’s fashion is inspired by the story of J.G. Ballard, a renowned British author whose works span across various genres including science fiction, literature, and psychology. One of his notable stories is “Sleeping Beauty,” which combines elements of science fiction and psychological exploration, delving into the relationship between individuals and technology, as well as the virtual world in modern society.

The story of “Sleeping Beauty” is set in a futuristic city where the protagonist, a man named Rockefeller, is a successful businessman but feels empty and lonely in life. Following an accident, Rockefeller loses his wife, and to cope with the grief and loneliness, he begins to explore a new type of virtual reality technology.

However, as time passes, Rockefeller gradually realizes that the virtual world cannot truly fulfill his inner needs, and his feelings of loneliness and emptiness remain unresolved. Eventually, he comes to the realization that he needs to reconnect with the real world and accept everything it entails, including pain and loss. Through Rockefeller’s journey, the story explores the relationship between individuals and technology in modern society, as well as the inner conflict between self-awareness and external influences. This story has sparked profound reflections on modern life and technological development.

Therefore, the “Sleeping Beauties” mentioned in this theme are not the conventional Disney princesses cursed by witches, waiting for a prince to rescue them. Instead, J.G. Ballard’s interpretation of Sleeping Beauty represents fragility and transience. Hence, the Metropolitan Museum of Art seeks to awaken the exquisite costumes slumbering in the past, depicted in this short story. With 220 exhibits spanning from the 17th to the 21st century, spanning 400 years, some of the garments are too fragile to be worn again. However, through the use of modern AI and technology, their unparalleled beauty can still be showcased, transcending time and space, once again blooming in a slightly melancholic garden.

The Dress Code of  2024 Met Gala : The Garden of Time

In J.G. Ballard’s story, flowers symbolize time. Echoing the concept described in this story, time is eternal, but as it progresses, it highlights the passing of life, fragility, and irreversibility. Therefore, utilizing this concept, inviting celebrities to browse through fashion history archives, reinterpret or reproduce related garments, allowing past classic and magnificent attire to “awaken” once again, reminding everyone that fashion never fades away.

2024 Met Gala

The flawless fashion dominator shines on the red carpet : Zendaya

Zendaya, the talented Hollywood actress, not only renowned for her excellent acting skills and popularity across various sectors but also a well-known fashion icon in the fashion industry. As a co-chair of 2024 MET GALA this time, she naturally became the hottest topic on the red carpet. Her appearance was stunning, wearing a blue gown designed by John Galliano for Maison Margiela, styled by the renowned stylist Law Roach. Paired with elegant headgear, the blue chiffon seemed to immerse her in the ocean, contrasting with the green leafy base and adorned with grapes, birds, and flowers, resembling Venus born in a lush garden.

2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala

This gown is based on the collection of Dior Spring/Summer 1999.

2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala

The second gown features a classical style, adorned in a Givenchy outfit from the Spring 1996 collection, designed by John Galliano, never before worn.

2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala

South African newcomer singer Tyla, donned a Balmain haute couture gown designed by Olivier Rousteing. The ensemble, akin to the hourglass held in Tyla’s hand, symbolizes the ever-passing time. Its inspiration draws from the soil and gravel nurturing flowers in a garden.

Formula 1 racing’s seventh-time champion Lewis Hamilton has long ventured into the world of fashion, his unique taste admired by many. Opting for a sleek tailored suit embroidered with black blossoms from Burberry, he dedicated to promoting racial equality movements, actually has a clever reason for choosing this outfit.

Inside his black coat lies a poem written by British black poet Alex Wharton, paying homage to the black community.

2024 Met Gala  2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala

Previously stirring up discussions at Coachella, the veteran American singer Lana Del Rey also attended the grand event, dressed in a specially tailored outfit from Alexander McQueen, replicating their Fall/Winter 2006  collection.

2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala

Fashion designer Harris Reed, adorned in their own exquisitely designed garden attire, resembled a sacred goddess statue from a medieval garden.

2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala

Gigi Hadid donned a custom-made gown by Thom Browne to complement the theme, involving the collaboration of 40 artisans who collectively spent a total of 8,500 hours on the skirt. The bodice alone required 500 hours of work and featured over 250 bead embellishments.

2024 Met Gala 2024 Met Gala

2024 Met Gala

2024 Met Gala 224 Met Gala

2024 Met Gala

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By Jo Chen Wang