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John Lobb
A John Lobb store

John Lobb is a famous shoe store at 9 St. James’s Street in London: custom-made shoes manufactured by a series of craftsmen, each responsible for a different manufacturing phase.

John Lobb (1829-1895), the founder, was born in Tyardreath, Cornwell, and at the age of 20 emigrated to Australia, where he started making shoes for gold diggers and had a successful shop. When he returned to London, he first opened a shop in Regent’s Street and then in St. James’s, its present premises. John Lobb, now in the fifth generation, has shod the rich and famous. In 1976, the brand was acquired by Hermès, and in 1982 it first launched a ready-to-wear collection.

The company is the official shoe supplier of the Court of England. Lobb has been granted three Royal Warranties, the supply certificates issued by the Royal House: by Queen Elizabeth, by her husband the Prince of Edinburgh, and by Prince Charles. A pair of Lobb shoes can cost up to 2,500 euros and the waiting list is one year.

Today, the label includes 19 global stores, from New York to Beijing, Dubai to Tokyo. By the way, John Lobb Ltd, remains a family-run company, catering to its local bespoke clientele, based in James’s Street, London.

John Lobb
The Alder Walking Boot by Lobb

Moreove, Lobb offers a balanced mix of new and iconic models: from Alder walking boot and the Foundry sneaker, to the iconic designs of the Lopez loafer and William double-buckle shoe.

John Lobb
The William double-buckle shoes by Lobb

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