Quarterly Italian magazine founded in 2001 around an idea by Luca Martire, Fabrizio Montana, and the photographer Valerio Spada, to whom the management and artistic creation is entrusted. It is a quality publication which dedicates considerable space to fashion editorials with a few digressions into graphics and design. Its characteristics are every photographer’s dream: well written but spare texts, well-printed photographs, features that are each 8-10 pages long, a sensual feel that is never vulgar, an intelligent layout, and top-quality graphic design by the talented Dutch Punch Drunk Studio. Nearly all the artists that are published are young and up-and-coming. Names that should be mentioned are Heidi Niemala for her delicate colors, Caroline Delmotte for her surrealist touches, Daniel Hill for the way he uses cuts of light, Emmanuel Thibault for the originality of his compositions, Bruna Rotunno for her sensuality, Cricchi Ferrante for delicate atmospheres, and Simon’s sense of spatiality. Spada also publishes his own excellent features in the magazine.