raffaello napoleone


Raffaello Napoleone (1954). From 1989 general director and from 1995 CEO of Pitti Immagine, the agency that organizes Florentine fashion shows. He has made significant organizational improvements and has strengthened it from the point of view of creativity, image, and international communications, under the presidencies of Marco Rivetti, Mario Boselli, and Gaetano Morzotto. With a degree in law, he was head of personnel at Salvatore Ferragamo. Previously, he worked in Florence as secretary general at a pharmaceutical company, linked to the first private group in France, and in Rome for a company building sailing and cruise boats (where he was a shareholder).

raffaello napoleone

From 2004 onwards, Raffaello Napoleone has been a member of the board of directors of Yoox, the online store selling luxury goods and the global e-commerce partner of the most important international brands in the fashion sector.

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