jeanne le monnier

Le Monnier, Jeanne

Jeanne Le Monnier (1887 – ?) was a French designer, who obtained a big success in the period between the two World War.

Her history

Jeanne Le Monnier had a thorough apprenticeship in ateliers: first as a seamstress, then as a cutter, and finally as a première for ten year at Lewis. In 1921 she opened her own business in 231 rue Saint-Honoré. From then, in the period between the two World War, she was able to conquer a big part of the market (indeed, she could rely on 300 employees) and a big fame in the Parisian fashion horizon. In particular, her famous hats were worn by many actresses of the time, such as Blanche Toutain, Suzanne Dantés, Cecilia Navarre and Gabrielle Dorziat. When she left her company (the year of her death is unknown), Bernard Devaux replaced her.

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