Lancel bags

Lancel is a French leather goods’ company. Its motto is “accessible and intelligent luxury.” In 1876, Alphonse and Angèle Lancel opened a boutique for smokers in Paris, at 17 Boulevard Poissonnière.

It was visited by Georges Sand, Andrée Vally, and Eugène Sue. In a short time, the couple opened three new outlets in the capital and other French towns, and became well known for the sale of decorations and gift articles. In 1901 Albert Lancel took over management of the company.

The leather line was created in the 1920s; perfumes and cosmetics ten years later. At the end of World War II, Lancel specialized in bags, cases and small leather goods. In 1956 the company created the famous Kangaron, a case with external pockets.

In 1976 Edgar and Jean Zorbibe took over the business and started an international development program and further promotion of the brand. By the 1980s, the Lancel Sogedi Group had 20 companies and branches, 1,000 sales points and was the third largest leather goods’ company in France, but it also sells watches, ties, and ashtrays.

In 2001 the turnover totaled 120 million dollars, 70% of which originated in Italy. The prestigious French company, with premises on the Champs-Elysées, numbered 110 own-brand shops and 800 licensees. In Italy it has 70 shops and 1 own-brand boutique in Milan.

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