Lana Marks Handbags

Lana Marks Handbags

Lana Marks Handbags
Lana Marks and her bags

Lana Marks Handbags is an American brand of colorful bags, in several models. It was named after the founder and owner, Lana Marks, who is considered a queen of leather and has become famous also for the friendship which linked her to Princess Diana.

Lana Marks Handbags
The iconic Lunch Box Bag

Lana Marks designed her first bag, the ‘Lunch Box Bag’, in red leather, after having looked for a similar bag, to go to an English Royal Family event, without manage it. So she decided to create it by herself.

Crocodile, alligator and lizard are Lana Marks Handbags favorite skins and she uses them to manufacture the 150 models of bags she makes. Bags are available in a wide variety of colors, from yellow to fuchsia, to light green, whatever the trends are demanding. The very simple and rigorous lines mirror her English origins.

She moved to the United States to open a leather accessory company in 1987 and nowadays she owns shops in New York, Palm Beach, and Aspen.

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